Recently a New York Post article about the Hunter Biden bribing Ukrainian officials with introductions to his, then Vice President father, was blocked from being shared on Twitter. Whether you paint your face blue and growl at the red team or paint it red and growl at the blue team in this season of America’s Greatest Clown, you have to be growing a bit concerned that big tech is now trying to decide what you’re even allowed to read, think about and evaluate for yourself.

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That’s why we’re building things like SmokeSignal. SmokeSignal, is an uncensorable free speech platform. SmokeSignal is not pro-free speech at the policy level, it’s not pro free speech in the sense that platforms like Gab and Voat are. Both those platforms simply allow content. SmokeSignal is pro-free speech on the protocol level. …

Recently, legendary builder, founder and investor, Marc Andreeson (creator of Mosaic, later to become Netscape, later to become Firefox) penned an article “IT’S TIME TO BUILD”.In it he makes a passionate plea for why we as a civilization need to desperately pick up the pace and produce new products, services and technological innovations. Of the causes of not building he writes:

The problem is desire. We need to *want* these things. The problem is inertia. We need to want these things more than we want to prevent these things. The problem is regulatory capture. We need to want new companies to build these things, even if incumbents don’t like it, even if only to force the incumbents to build these things. And the problem is will. …

It’s with great joy that we announce the arrival of DAIHard Cryptocurrency trading. As some of you might be aware, DAIHard is a unstoppable Cryptocurrency exchange that facilitates trades via the Burnable Payments mechanism.

In this edition we’ve cleaned up the interface to allow for smooth crypto to crypto exchanges. This version helps the embattled privacy coins that have recently come under regulatory attack (XMR, ZEC, Dash, this one’s for you!)

Specifically this edition of DAIHard allows for trades into and out of XMR, ZEC, Dash and BTC against DAI and xDAI.

What’s the big deal you might ask? The big deal is that DAIHard is an unstoppable, fully decentralized mechanism people can use to trade reliably with others. One that does not act as an extractor of information from its users. …

Schalk Dormehl

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